Amazing facts about writing and the brain

Lack of oxygen for minutes can lead to permanent brain damage. Weight of the brain is about 3 pounds A human brain weighs around 3lbs 1.

The highest body temperature recorded in history is Forgetting unnecessary things is actually good for the brain as it helps the nervous system to maintain its plasticity. Malnourished fetuses and infants suffer from cognitive and behavioral deficits, slower motor and language development and lower I.

Without oxygen, brain cells will start to die after four to six minutes. But there is a fair amount of information we have gathered about the brain—thanks to recent advances in imaging technology. With these new circuits, we can recall any memory whenever we need it and our brain will connect it with other memories.

20 Fun and Fascinating Human Brain Facts

It is the most studied organ and performs several functions simultaneously within seconds. Cunningham wrote a research paper and discovered that reading frequently does actually make you smarter. Another fascinating fact about our mind is that it is made up of about 75 percent water.

A brain scan can show us that our mind is in the working state, even when we are resting. Loss of blood from the brain for seconds can lead to unconsciousness. Jetlag can affect a part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Elephants are considered as having the largest brain, which is partially true.

Reading helps to boost your analytical thinking.

10 Facts About Your Wacky Brain

However, at the same time, women are more likely to stick to the decision once the decision is made. Dieting can force the brain to eat itself, according to scientists.

Cells will continue to develop for several years after birth. Q tests than those that consumed with these substances. Although this does not mean that reading will prevent the disease, it proves a slight relationship between reading and prevention.

Women take longer when making decision when compared to males. Many people perceive reading as an introverted hobby, for the feeble, anti-social. However, recent uncoverings by science has debunked this myth and proven that the brain is capable of vast change.

A human brain is considered the fattest part in the entire body. Amygdala is a sort of built-in face reading feature of the mind.Writing stimulates and awakens the brain.

Writing things down on paper will help you to better remember. Also, your brain is more likely to pick up information from a story than from just getting straight facts because of how your brain picks up from our senses that the words in the story set off.

The brain is the most miraculous and multifaceted of all body parts;the most intriguing and mystifying part of the human body.

It performs innumerable functions simultaneously within a split second and is the most studied organ. Amazing Facts About Writing and Your Brain.

7. Posted on: by: Brian Wasko. I came across the infographic below and just had to share it.

Amazing Facts About Writing and the Brain (Infograph)

It contains some fascinating information about writing and brain research. Enjoy! Embedded from. The brain is one of the most important and major part of the human body, Read this blog to know 6 amazing facts about the human brain. Brain is an amazing and the dumbest thing, I have recently seen BBC 3 part documentary about brain and how it works.

this article is very nice and loved it. Lea January 25, I. The modern brain is an energy hog. The organ accounts for about 2 percent of body weight, but it uses about 20 percent of the oxygen in our blood and 25 percent of the glucose (sugars) circulating.

Amazing facts about writing and the brain
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