An analysis of the article violent media is good for kids by gerald jones

When Jones attempts to use logic alongside of emotion to get his point across, he falls short. This is an example of how Jones tries, but fails to effectively use logos in his argument. What evidence is there? In more simple terms, if parents begin to shelter their children too much, they will not have a normal child hood and growing experience.

The evidence can be from the violent story, children who reads violent story will avoid action that make them get violent.

He uses big words and ineffective rhetoric, such as the historical analogy about the Victorians, to sound logical without really saying anything. Jones shares his personal view about violent media and the positive correlation that he claims that it has with rage, mostly in small children.

Violent Media is Good for Kids Summary

His stories about his son allow parents of young children to reflect on the ways they have empowered their own kids to overcome fears. Instead, it shows that there exist pertinent issues which actually cause delinquency and misbehavior in kids.

Gerard Jones introduces his article by telling the story of his own childhood. Someone with a Ph. What was the negative outcome of this confusion? To Jones, rage is something to be controlled, something that we have a relationship with.

Almost any person from any walk of life can identify with the feeling of loneliness. This article could be considered effective if he stopped there and wrote this as an opinion piece.

Depicting isolated cases has helped in achieving this notion. He is able to connect with his audience by employing emotions in passing the message.

However, this use of analogy is ineffective. Children can learn how to solve problem in different way from violent media, they also learn that life is not always harmful for them then it make them stronger.

Is Violent Media Good for Kids? (Peer Revision)

This is a juxtaposition of life issues and problem that a person may be facing Jones. This is important because it acts as a guide for kids when it comes to managing emotional needs and stress levels. Children use violent stories to meet their emotional and developmental needs with the control of adults to use it properly according to its function.

Violent Media is Good for Kids by Gerard Jones - Article Example

D agrees with me! Nevertheless, similar research shows that media violence can have positive impact on kids. That was Melanie Moore a psychologist consultation result with public school and local government.

So I have to be right! Overall, the lack of balance in this article keeps it from being effective. These hours are more than time that children spend at school or with families. These can guide kids during tumultuous times when the effect of life is demeaning.

Nevertheless, the sample size of his research is small without properly articulated considerations and limits to prove their accuracy. Mother Jones, 28 June He uses many examples from his own childhood and his own son to support his opinion. Jones uses a quote from Melanie Moore, Ph. A second caption for instance shows a huge man who is violently pushing and fighting objects and people.

As evidence in support of his thesis, Jones uses numerous arguments. It also can make children involved in the story and make them out of emotional traps.Is Violent Media Good for Kids? (Peer Revision) The following document is my revised edition of a rhetorical analysis of the article “violent Media is Good for Kids” by comic-book author, Gerard Jones.

Violent Media is Good for Kids, by Gerard Jones: a one sided persuasion of exposing children to violent media, resulting in a well rounded, successful member of society.

Jones makes a strong straightforward statement right away, titling his article the way he did. Violent Media Is Good for Kids Words | 4 Pages. Violence in media is healthy and beneficial for children—or so claims Gerard Jones, author of “Violent Media is Good for Kids”.

It is undeniable that the title of Jones’s essay is straightforward and aptly named, if not confidently bold. Oct 14,  · In “Violence Media is Good for Kids”, Gerald Jones asserted that violent is not always give negative impact for children, but also can give positive impact for them.

Review Essay on Violent Media is good for Kids

Children can learn how to solve problem in different way from violent media, they also learn that life is not always harmful for them then it make them stronger. Violent Media is good for Kids. Jones wrote the article, Violent Media Is Good for this article, Jones tries to support the notion that there can be positive impact of violent media when kids are allowed access to it.

Violent Media is Good for Kids Renowned comic-book author Gerard Jones argues that bloody videogames, gun-glorifying gangsta rap and other forms of ‘creative violence’ help far more children than they hurt, by giving kids a tool to master their rage.

Is he insightful, or insane? Discuss it with Jones himself in our Talkback section.

An analysis of the article violent media is good for kids by gerald jones
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