An analysis of the idea behind the conformity theory

They assumed that the Empire of Japan was taking measures in the event that their embassies and consulates in enemy territories were usurped. Group Goals Another reason for conforming would appear to be the desire to accomplish group goals, which has been illustrated in several studies.

This is most likely to occur when the majority have greater knowledge, and members of the minority have little knowledge to challenge the majority position. Currently working to write 1, words.

What is Conformity?

Impact of ingratiation in judgements and evaluations: The situational conditions included group cohesion. In a study by Reitan and Shaw, it was found that men and women conformed more when there were participants of both sexes involved versus participants of the same sex.

The union also exhibited some degree of closed-mindedness with the notion that MLB is the enemy.

Conformity and Group Mentality: Why We Comply

If highly dominant members are considered equivalent to leaders with high power motivation, the results of Callaway, Marriott, and Esser contradict the results of Fodor and Smith. This means that they value being independent and self sufficient the individual is more important that the groupand as such are more likely to participate in non conformity.

These are informational conformity, or informational social influenceand normative conformity, also called normative social influence.

Being more motivated to get the right answer increased the tendency to conform. Compliance is motivated by the need for approval and the fear of being rejected.

A participant may not feel much pressure to conform when the first person gives an incorrect response. Many people imagine themselves as unique individuals unlike anyone else; indeed, we all possess specific characteristics that distinguish us from the crowd. In a second study, confidence of the group was manipulated; the individual was again given a difficult task where the group answered incorrectly.

Another type of social response, which does not involve conformity with the majority of the group, is called convergence. He devised ways of preventing groupthink: For example, on November 7, the day before the election, The New York Times opined that Clinton then had "a consistent and clear advantage in states worth at least electoral votes.

The research examined for this piece fits the categories of a model proposed to explain the five main motivational reasons to conform: Finally, many human beings refuse to conform due to their desire to be unique — when their uniqueness feels threatened, they tend to actively resist conformity Imhoff and Erb, They were then asked to estimate the amount it moved.

Not only was this prediction found to be true, but as the perceived size of the minority group decreased, the minority individual expressed even more hesitancy in the expression of their opinion. The Plastics maintain their alpha status through attention, by being sexually desired by everybody else.

It is clear from these experiments that people are very concerned with being correct, leading to conformity across many situations. American Psychologist, 10, It is similar to normative influence, but is motivated by the need for social rewards rather than the threat of rejection, i.

Empirical findings and meta-analysis[ edit ] Testing groupthink in a laboratory is difficult because synthetic settings remove groups from real social situations, which ultimately changes the variables conducive or inhibitive to groupthink.

The composition of the group plays a role in conformity as well. Regina recognizes Cady as a threat, and wants to crush her as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


Such changes in behaviour require systematic approaches that can be in the shape of direct personal requests; or more subtle and elaborate commercials and political campaigns.

Asymmetric perceptions of conformity and their roots in an introspection illusion. According to Park, a study by Huseman and Drive indicates groupthink occurs in both small and large decision-making groups within businesses. The conflict is resolved by a random act of God- the antagonist gets hit by a bus.

In an eyewitness identification task, participants were shown a suspect individually and then in a lineup of other suspects. Kennedy sought to avoid groupthink during the Cuban Missile Crisis using "vigilant appraisal.

An Analysis of Power And Social Dynamics In 'Mean Girls'

Minority influence is most likely when people can make a clear and consistent case for their point of view. He asked participants individually to estimate how many beans the bottle contained.Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.


Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, Normative influence, a function of social impact theory, has three components. a meta-analysis suggests that conformity pressures in Asch's experiment peak once the majority.

Essay // The Psychology Behind Conformity, Compliance & Obedience. it can also hamper evolution and innovation as critical analysis is not likely to thrive where most individuals seem to follow a pre-programmed behavioural patterns that have been established centuries ago.

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Get started now! Autonomy and conformity: Adomo's analysis of the liberal theory of education Trevor Maddock T a strategy which consistently tends to the corruption ofthe liberal idea. The notions ofautonomy and conformity do not merely clash with actual then behind half-education lies the desire to divide up culture and teach only aspects of it.

The idea that group conformity affects each and every one of us in some way is no surprise; it happens on some level to every socially integrated person multiple times a day, whether it be putting on appropriate attire in the morning, eating what is widely known to be a healthy diet, or stopping at a stop light, conformity is all around us.

An analysis of the idea behind the conformity theory
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