An organisation s capability for planning its future marketing activity

All these decisions are to be taken in consideration by the organisation in order to have effective market. The mangers laying emphasis on this concept will focus on high production efficiency, low cost, and distribution widely and assumption is based on availability of the taxi service and at low cost.

They suggested that, firstly, top managerial should encourage ethical consciousness to their subordinates by providing support and care upon ethical practices. The organisations capability is its core competence, weakness, strength, behaviour and its resources as well.

Budget limitation Without sufficient financial support, the marketing team might not able to complete an appropriate market research. In addition to this market is also sub-divided into individual segments each of which are considered as separate markets, so every business help should be able to define their market.

In addition to this the organisation is also able to analyse the competitive environment on the basis of the external audit as it will make analyse how competitive the market is and what the competitors are likely do depending upon the state or the condition so arising in the organisation.

The organisation for private hire taxi needs to analyse whether there vehicles are not rendering pollution in the city and whether they are safe from having any side effect of the climate change like in heavy rains many vehicles start creating problem and many even skid due to inappropriate tyres, etc.

It will include the tax levels, governments actions, privatization, etc. These have an impact on the taxi services as the services would be analysed by the people depending on their beliefs which they had made on the use of the services at once so the organisation has to direct its actions towards planning a strategy which will require the people or the prospective customers to call for their services again.

Its reputation is majorly depend on the health and safety of customers. As few taxi for hire are the well-known company in providing its consistent service to their customers so loyalty would be the result on the parts of the customers for them.

Secondly, it is recommended that top managerial level should focus on the institutionalization of ethical norms and practices that are incorporated into all organizational levels. En short, unethical marketing practives would directly influence a good marketing process and effect marketing plan 4.

The private hire taxi will have to convert the new technology into its new products which are to be marketed. According to crane and Mitten business ethics is the right or wrong by morality in relation to business activities. Health and safety of customers and workers is a major factors of ethical factors.

This factor is based on the environmental aspects, to keep the surrounding clean and safe. The communication mix includes advertising, personal selling, public relations, online promotion, sales promotion and also direct marketing.

Illegality If a marketing plan is against with the law or regulation, it might lead a legal action to the organisation. UK Essays In. The Taxi Plan for private hire taxies is of innovative and persuasive.Leading organizational transformations By one core process might be product development, which links functional activities in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution to provide customers with a steady stream of innovative products.

the organization's current capabilities, and the outlook for its future.

Leading organizational transformations

Whether the. This shrinkage could be because of the business getting to be immersed for the organization like Hiscox organization (Bostwick, ). Evaluation of an organization’s capability for planning its future marketing activity of Hiscox organization.

A public sector organisation has been selected as the model for this article on strategic marketing management.

Unit 19 Marketing Planning Sample Assignment

marketing planning in SBU’s, corporate planning will have a. Evaluate an organisation’s capability for planning its future marketing activity Organisational capability defined in terms of its core competence, synergistic effects, strengths, weaknesses and resources and behaviour.

Being the marketing manager of Private hire taxi and as the organisation is facing decline in sales, it has to evaluate the capability for planning its future marketing activity. The organisations capability is its core competence, weakness, strength, behaviour and its resources as well.

The Paradox of a Marketing Planning Capability Rebecca J.

Slotegraaf Indiana University Peter R. Dickson firm’s range of future strategic options so that it can quickly adapt to market changes (Sanchez ), which tegic flexibility into its organization, it emphasizes maxi-mization of strategic options (e.g., Johnson et al.


An organisation s capability for planning its future marketing activity
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