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A clean air additive is a substance that, when added to gasoline, reduces tailpipe emissions, resulting in improved air quality characteristics. According to the EIA, the number of operable U. At the same time, developing nations such as China and India have increased their demand for oil.

Additionally, we anticipate that the plants will be designed to produce DDGs, which are used in the manufacture of various animal feeds and CO2 carbon dioxide.

By locating the plants on main-line railroads we gain the potential advantage of generating significant freight savings through the use of unit-train shipments.

The knowledge and experience of our managers has led them to focus on the efficiencies realized in being an origination supplier compared with a destination supplier.

Shortage of domestic petroleum refining capacity. Political unrest and attacks on oil infrastructure in the major oil producing nations, particularly in the Middle East, have periodically disrupted the flow of oil.

Much of the ethanol blending throughout the U. The RFS requires motor fuels sold in the U. We anticipate that the identical plant designs will result in minimal repair and common maintenance inventory, allowing for the most consistent and predictable production reality.

According to the U. Ethanol is the primary blend component in E By adding ethanol, the refiner or blender is able to increase the octane rating of the suboctane fuel so that it conforms to gasoline standards, while also expanding the volume of fuel to be sold.

Therefore, the refiner benefits from the ability to produce more fuel from a given barrel of oil and expands its ability to meet consumer demand, especially during times when refinery capacity and octane sources are limited.

Although absolute corn supply and the price paid for the corn to a plant dictates much of the success, in our business model the railroads will give the company a tremendous strategic advantage as compared to competitors over the next 10 years. A strategy to shift from natural gas to coal fired plants after year one would offer a distinct cost competitive advantage.

Although E85 represents an insubstantial portion of the U. Our operations will substantially be the operations of Beemer Energy, Inc. In addition, all major manufacturers of power equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles and outboard motors permit the use of ethanol blends in their products.

Construction on the Kankakee plant is expected to begin in the second quarter ofand we anticipate that the plant will be operational by the fall of By the second quarter ofwe intend to complete permitting for three corn-based ethanol plants in Iowa or Illinois and anticipate opening these plants for commercial production by the end of As of Februarythe U.electrical energy from renewable sources in the chemical bonds of liquid or gas fuels.[1][2] The primary targets are butanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, but include other alcohols and carbon-containing gasses such as methane.

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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES INC Securities Registration: Small Business (SB-2/A) BUSINESS. BEL Alternative Energy 2 Research Paper  BEL Argumentative B OCTOBER Alternative energy is the solution to the energy crisis we face today One of the most significant current discussions in the newspapers is with regards to alternative energy sources such as the solar, thermal, tidal and nuclear energy.

BEL (4) The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution Biomass and Biogas Energy The potential to generate power from biomass. Biomass means organic matter. as an alternative source of energy in India is to the extent of more than 50% of the total requirement.

India is predominantly an. [2]. conventional energy verses renewable energy power plant and subsidy of conventional energy.

it indicates that there are barriers to the effective transition from conventional to a sustainable energy development.

Bel311 alternative energy 2
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