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This fancy used to have such a hold over me that sometimes I have been seized by the childish desire never to return to the burrow again, but to settle down somewhere close to the entrance, to pass my life watching the entrance, and gloat perpetually upon the reflection—and in that find my happiness—how steadfast a protection my burrow would be if I were inside it.

We take one look at something or someone and form an opinion, be it negative or positive, based solely on what we see.

She wishes that she could fold herself up like a telescope and enter. The White Rabbit is a rabbit in a waistcoat with a pocket watch, the Dormouse is a dormouse, the Monstrous Crow is a crow.

I still have the boxed set, a little tattered though I think no one has ever read them other than me. We might also add to the concept of a constancy of identity a conformity of word usage.

I was very silly when I was young. It happened to me when I approached a dirty sunburned homeless man, expecting slurred speech and irrational thoughts.

Sebald is recounting his interviews with one Thomas Abrams, an English farmer who has been working on a model of the temple of Jerusalem—you know, gluing little bits of wood together—for twenty years, including the painstaking research required for historical accuracy.

When she rarely prepares to laugh, she is usually checked by the morbid, humorless types of creatures whom she encounters in Wonderland. I did not remember this passage in particular until later the same day when I was reading the dictionary, where I came upon the meaning of the word speculum: That is why I read: There was a girl named Joy who lived near the top of Seventh Street alone with her father and a white horse in a field with a pomegranate tree I raided, past the estate whose grapevines I also raided annually, along with sundry plum trees, prickly pears, and blackberry patches.

And now that the dream of chaos is over, she can say, from her distance above-ground, "It was a curious dream," but then she skips off thinking that — for a strange moment — what a wonderful dream it was.

They both have nightmares, they both are fist-fighters, and they both have lost their families. The maid who desperately tried to escape with the baby in her care?


We are being told a satisfactory tale. His Alice, like all the acted Alices I have seen, is the wrong side of puberty and can look sulky as opposed to annoyed. They are in a sense allegories first for the act of reading, of entering an imaginary world, and then of the way that the world we actually inhabit is made up of stories, images, collective beliefs, all the immaterial appurtenances we call ideology and culture, the pictures we wander in and out of all the time.

She helps Rosa collect the washing from different wealthy inhabitants of Molching. Third shelf on the right: Humpty comments that it means: She spends it mostly with Hans as he blackens the windows for homes and shops in Molching in preparation for air raids.

It takes place in the desert and I read it in front of a wood stove during a four-day blizzard. Obviously, the reading time is an estimation. Connoisseurs of reading are very silly people. In this old house the "stepmothers" are kind and gentle but the child is isolated and thoughtful — and again the child reader can sympathise with her isolation.

I roamed, in walks and words, and those roamings recur in my own writing. Send this to all of us! Lennie and George have a dream: There is of course the wardrobe in the first book C. The chapter ends with Alice at last entering the garden by eating more of the mushroom that the Caterpillar was sitting on.Discover the world’s largest selection of online men’s reading glasses at Reading Glass World!


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Rebecca Solnit on a Childhood of Reading and Wandering.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

each pond like a looking glass you can go through to another world. It is a portrait of a library, just as all the magic portals are allegories for works of art, across whose threshhold we all step into other worlds.

happened is stored up to be remembered and relived, the place. Get free homework help on Markus Zusak's The Book Thief: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, set in Germany during World War II, follows young Liesel Meminger as she struggles with the loss of her mother and brother and must go to live.

(Some of these last appeared earlier as part of Into the Looking-Glass Wood.) Throughout, Manguel heads each new chapter with a quotation from one of the two Alice books of Lewis Carroll, who is clearly — along with Dante, Cervantes, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Borges — in the select pantheon of his favorite writers.

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Into the Looking-Glass Wood: Essays on Books, Reading, and the World by Alberto Manguel () flag Like · see review May 24, Renah added it/5. Into the Looking-Glass Wood is a voyage into the subversive heart of words - a voyage fired by the author's humanity and extraordinary breadth of vision.

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Book essay glass into looking reading wood world
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