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Adults have reacted against such morality, because they know that it often stands for immorality. And in the same way I am now incurably afflicted with a faint smile, when I hear a crowd of frivolous people, who could not make Chesterton essay fool to save their lives, talking about the inevitable narrowness and stuffiness of the Victorian home.


The old-fashioned Englishman, like my father, sold houses for his living but filled his own house with his life. He has no sense of being corrupted.

I have no notion on what street the row of windows in the long uplifted room looked out, when the white horse Chesterton essay fool was carved. Some have seen these as singular wedding-presents for a bridegroom to give to himself; and if the bride had known less of him, I suppose she might have fancied that he was a suicide or a murderer or, worst of all, a teetotaller.

For the family remembers against me a number of now familiar legends, about the missing of trains, the losing of luggage, and other things counted yet more eccentric. At the worst it turned at last into a vulgar victory of sweating and swindling.

But I fear it is much more probable that the new schools have got rid of the Greek accent by getting rid of the Greek. Francis loved, did Chesterton essay fool more like a brother than those dream-faces which come to men who have known other emotions than brotherhood.

It was the age when the Englishman sent all his sons to boarding-school and sent all his servants to Coventry. It knew far too little even of its own servants.

It Chesterton essay fool rather as if I was more wide-awake then than I am now, and moving in broader daylight, which was to our broad daylight what daylight is to dusk. I am sorry to say, so far, I am not too bowled over.

Anyhow, there has been a change from a middle-class that trusted a business man to look after money because he was dull and careful, to one that trusts a business man to get more money because he is dashing and worldly.

O stern and cunning are the kings, But here the true hearts are. I was not only grateful for the fun, but I came to feel grateful for the very fittings and apparatus of the fun; the four-cornered tower of canvas with the one square window at the top, and everything down to the minimum of conventional and obviously painted scenery.

I know that Cyrano de Bergerac where the actors talked even quicker was meant to encourage man. But I can only say that this nursery note is necessary if all the rest is to be anything but nonsense; and not even nursery nonsense.

Since then, I have met what used to be called the wits of the age; but I have never known wittier conversation. In he suffered a physical and nervous breakdown. But I mention this vague background of the great Kensington Estate for another reason.

To us he appeared to be indeed the Man with the Golden Key, a magician opening the gates of goblin castles or the sepulchres of dead heroes; and there was no incongruity in calling his lantern a magic-lantern.

But I suppose that, before they reached that point, some communications had been opened even between two people living on two floors of the same house. And I may remark in passing that, having lived to see Mafeking Night and the later Jingo lyrics, I have retained a considerable respect for those old and pompous patriotic songs.

He is a deadly public danger. It is not merely a momentary relaxation necessary to the renewal of work; and in this respect it must be sharply distinguished from much that is called sport.

They have a perceptible and prevailing colour of good nature, of good sense not untinged with dreaminess, and a certain tranquil loyalty in their personal relations which was very notable even in one, like my brother Cecil, who in his public relations was supremely pugnacious and provocative.

It attached rather too much importance to spelling correctly; it attached enormous importance to speaking correctly. I know, from experience of bereavements only a little later, that children feel with exactitude, without a word of explanation, the emotional tone or tint of a house of mourning.

I regret that there was nothing in the range of our family much more racy than a remote and mildly impecunious uncle; and that I cannot do my duty as a true modern, by cursing everybody who made me whatever I am. If my father had been some common millionaire owning a thousand mills that made cotton, or a million machines that made cocoa, how much smaller he would have seemed.

Nor is it the aristocracy that is stupid; at least, not that section of the aristocracy which represents it in politics.If you're writing a The Fool essay and need some advice, post your Gilbert Keith Chesterton essay question on our Facebook page.


THE NAMELESS MAN. As I reflected it crawled back into my memory that I had mildly played the fool in that house on that distant day.

I had some red chalk in my pocket, I. Why then, dress up as an anarchist, you fool! Nobody will ever expect you to do anything dangerous then." Perhaps Chesterton had in mind the 'Bloody Sunday' of 22 Januarywhen the priest and double-agent Gapon, led the crowds to the Winter Palace in St.

Petersburgh. Writing a Gilbert Keith Chesterton essay? King Lear: the Role of the Fool essays In the play King Lear, by William Shakespeare, there are many intriguing characters. Perhaps the most intriguing of them all is the fool.

A Miscellany of Men by G. K. Chesterton

The fool seems to exist outside the play appearing and disappearing without warning. The fool is, however, a necessary.

By G. K. Chesterton. Of all countries, therefore, France is the worst country for a superficial fool to admire. Let a fool hate France: if the fool loves it he will soon be a knave. He will certainly admire it, not only for the things that are not creditable, but actually for the things that are not there.

[Table of Picked Essays] Gilbert Keith Chesterton () was a prolific English critic and author of verse, essays, novels, and short stories. He is probably best known for his series about the priest-detective Father Brown who appeared in 50 stories.

Chesterton essay fool
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