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This was a very huge globe like thing made of wires very closely knit.

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I was horror-struck when he put his head into the mouth of one of the lions. The show began at 6 P. Trapeze was the most difficult and dangerous feat. We found that a huge tent had been pitched. Seats were arranged in a big circle around an open space.

Even more awesome were a few other events. Last year I had an opportunity of going to a circus with my parents, sister and brother. In this globe we saw two men enter, seated on motorcycles, and, the game started. Some items of lesser interest were, the human pyramid, driving a cycle of one wheel and, lo and behold!

I think these circus shows not only amuse us and Circus essay us but also add to our knowledge about the animals.

The Circus

It is interesting for young children. The third danced as if with joy. I would think that this eventuality would mean a sure death of the individual. Then one of them sat in a chair to the great delight spectators.

I liked almost all the feats of the show but I was very much impressed gymnastic feats. The items we saw, performed by both men and animals required perfect precision and perfect discipline and both were found in plenty in both men and animals. Thereafter, a monkey and then a bear came riding a bicycle each.

Then came the turn of the elephants their leader saluted the spectators and played football. I came back home feeling active in body and mind.

The circus are of various types, but the circus which I saw last week at Parade Ground was the most impressive.

I saw a lion jumping through a ring of burning fire. All this was not any match to the performance of a dog solving sums of addition on a blackboard.

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Children alone now like to visit a circus. She drew loud cheer from the spectators. They show different feats and give pleasure to our minds.

The show ended at 9. Every time the players both girls and boys leap from one swing to another through mid air my heart missed a beat, and oh!

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A band played outside the tent to attract visitors. They twisted their bodies in all directions and at all angles. In this circus were presented by animals and gymnasts are unforgettable. The entire show and a mixture of its excitement and nerve racking atmosphere was broken by the antics of the two jokers who entered the arena.

He was dressed beautifully with a hat made of birds feathers on his head. An iron wire was set sidewise in the air. Thus, the circus I visited provided complete entertainment for me and all the others and at the same time, taught me few very important points about the characters and behaviors of men and animals —it was a visit really worthy of it.

I was amazed to see them moving and bending their body like a rubber rod. They both moved round and round the globe a very fast speed, and all the time there was the fear of the two motorists colliding.

They were quite skilful in their movements. The circus tent was brilliant, lit with tube lights.The lions, the elephants and the hippopotamus were the talk of the town. People were much impressed by the items of the circus displayed before them.

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On a Sunday we made a program to visit the circus. The show began at p.m. We reached the circus, purchased our tickets and were in our seats by p.m. The show began at six. Related Essays & Stories A Visit to a Zoo Essay – English Essay on A Visit to Zoo The Sky Is Falling English Story With Moral The Autobiography Of A Horse English Essay.

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Free Essay: In the early ’s the attractiveness of the circus industry seem to be saturated. The industry structure was not stable, being in long-term.

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- Describe the Essay Topic This essay proposes to investigate the ethics of training, and subsequently utilising, circus animals for the purpose of human entertainment.

Therefore, the essay will respond to the question “what moral or ethical obligations do humans have in respect of other animals. Free Essay on A Visit to a Circus for Kids – A visit to a circus is an exciting thing. Last Sunday I went to an evening show.

My father took us to the show. I had read much about a circus. But I had never been to a show It was held in a [ ].

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