Comparing and contrasting the poems first love john clare and sex without love

First Love

Meaning those who do not just participate in the race, but who will make the last effort to prove that they are the best. Sharon Olds uses this simile to relate how people act upon one another to express their lustful pleasures.

Moreover, both Auden and Clare portray their intense love and how this takes effect on their feelings, which have such sudden swings between extremes. They were quite similar in many ways. The last line of the poem however is very negative showing after all that the narrator has been through he is giving up.

From saying that his life had been frozen and then saying how the blood rushed to face contrasts with the recent paleness. In addition, the rhythm that he gave it makes the poem very melodic and helps us hear it more beautifully.

Loneliness is a common point in these poems. Those pieces of poetry represent opposite scenarios in some human relationships: The image of ice-skaters suggests the idea of sex as a sport. In this poem the writer uses similes to try to give examples of sex without love.

They also differ in many ways with Shakespeare in his poem seeming to appear less desperate, almost as if he had found his true love whereas Clare in his poem seemed desperately in love with a woman that could not return that love. Also both poems refer back to nature and both used rhetorical questions, which added affect to their poems.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The speaker expresses how he feels and what happens to him when he falls in love for the first time; the speaker talks about his most personal feelings and starts the poem by saying: Usually when people are talkin and studder in there sentence its because they ether have a problem or they are trying to say something with so much force that they mess up how they are saying it.

The emotional aspect prevails over the physical one. They are gliding over each other creating there own pleasure instead of being one and creating each others pleasures.

There are ten syllables per line. The melodramatic tone conveys the negative last tine depicting that there is no hope and that Auden has given up.

This poem is about people who just have sex to have a temporary moment of joy because there is no love in the sex they are having.

It is also involves the season of winter. What they are doing is taking it and turning it into a just a normal thing which is taken away from it sacredness.

Love and Sex in First Love by John Clare and Sex Without Love by Sharon Olds Paper

He also realises that as hard as he tries, he will not get her. The narrator shows that he would rather die if he were without his loved one. Hire Writer In fact, the line mentions ice, ice is cold, and being cold sometimes relates to a person who has no feeling.

There are no long-term emotional engagements in these human contacts. Here we can see a structural contrast between two poems; indeed, the former is much more systematized than the latter, and this shows that the John Clare was much more focused on the structure of the poem when he wrote it than the author of the other poem.

As we can see the atmosphere is less romantic and starts to get far more depressing. He wants the world to share his grief.

Not only his heart now belongs to the girl he loves but also the poet also loses control over his body: Also the use of the plosive alliteration makes the harsh sounds depict how nothing is now left for the narrator. Indeed, ice-skating is performed before an audience to win an award or competence meaning a kind of social admiration.

Both authors focus on their personal experiences and what effect it has on them.

First Love John Clare Analysis

Sex without love can compare to this because each partner is just skating on there own. In the third stanza he states how much his significant other means to him by repetitively listing all he meant.

Sex Without Love

We can also see that the first line is a rhetorical question. On the contrary, when two people are in love, there is no that kind of show or competence. When there is sex between a couple because they are in love we call it making love. Furthermore, both poets object to the nature of love and come up with varied conclusion as to the nature.

It may be due to his own experiences of love, since he was unable to be with the woman that he loved. The tone used here is therefore melodramatic and obsessive. This suggests that the poet is starting to blush; this again is a physical reaction to love. Both poets seem to be writing intimately and both narratives are written in first person.

Is loves bed always snow?Love poetry has never been my favourite type of poetry but First love has my blessing. First impressions After I read it for the first time I /5(1). First Love John Clare and Sex Without Love, two poems written at different times, with “connected” themes but at the same time very different.

1, Words | 5 Pages Sex Without Love/5(1). ‘First Love’ by John Clare and ‘Shall I compare thee? ‘ by William Shakespeare are two romantic love poems, the first about how it feels to be in love and the second about the durability of the poet’s love’s beauty.

The first poem, ‘First love’. Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast the two poems "To be in Love" by Gwendolyn Brooks and "Love song: I and Thou" by Alan Dugan.' and find homework help for other Alan Dugan, Gwendolyn Brooks. Analysis of First Love by John Clare Words Jan 29th, 4 Pages First love is a poem, which encapsulates the experience the poet has falling in love for the first time.

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An Analysis of the Book First.

Comparing and contrasting the poems first love john clare and sex without love
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