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Department of the Navy. Bush in just before his case went to trial. Carter is in Europe to meet with European defense ministers and participate in his first NATO ministerial as defense secretary.

The election of Barack Obama as president saw him make good on his campaign promise to withdraw U. With the end of the Cold War, DoD became less of a priority during the two terms of President Bill Clinton, who placed less importance on defense spending and developing new weapons programs.

These counterinsurgency efforts were put to great use in the Vietnam War. A new generation of jet-powered aircraft took over Air Force squadrons, most importantly the B Stratofortress.

Capable of housing 40, workers in four million square feet of space, the Pentagon also included a six-acre interior court and parking for 8, cars. The troop surge also went against sentiments expressed by voters and many Democrats in Congress who argued it was time to pull out from Iraq.

In he left the Pentagon to become the head of the World Bank. Today, the office of the Secretary of Defense employs 2, out of approximatelycivilian employees who work for the DoD.

Somervell, head of the construction division, proposed constructing a single massive building to house all War Department employees. DoD photo by U. National Geographic Compelling portraits of U.

The Sergeant York air-defense gun was supposed to give the Army greater protection from Soviet aircraft. The act also established the Air Force, which until then had been a part of the U. Defense Secretary Robert M.

DoD includes all four branches of the armed services—Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines—along with multiple sub-agencies that produce everything from weapons and supplies for military units to intelligence on foreign threats. The secretaries of defense that followed McNamara kept a lower profile.

During the visit, Carter plans to meet with defense counterparts and participate in his first NATO ministerial as defense secretary. Garcetti has created seven books of photographic essays, with an. After six stormy years at the Pentagon, President Bush asked Rumsfeld to resign following the election that saw Republicans lose control of Congress in a sweeping anti-war fervor by voters.

As a work of the U. At the same time, the U. McNamara, an unconventional choice to head the Pentagon, was president of the Ford Motor Company when Kennedy asked him to join his cabinet.

His case involved allegations that he had concealed from Congressional investigators his personal notes that detailed events related to Iran-Contra and that reportedly undermined what President Reagan said about the origins and operations of the covert arms-for-hostages dealings.

Other hot-button issues involved the proper supplying of U. A girl lies on a bed, Mexico.Nov 16,  · Month of the Military Family Department of Defense Photo Essay November 16, — stayar Gunner Butt, son of Army Sgt. 1st Class Walter Butt, stands with his family and others waiting for the return of their deployed soldiers from Afghanistan at Stout Field, Indianapolis, Aug.

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Press Advisories and has $ trillion in liabilities, calculated for future benefit payments. The Defense Department provides funding as well for educational benefits for eligible DoD From the Web Site of the U.S. Department of Defense. Afghanistan. Air Force.

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Gates Attends Krakow Defense Ministerial Conference

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Photos Photo Essays Essay View. Department of Defense Photos for the Week of 06/29/ MISSION BRIEF A U.S. soldier, center, briefs an Afghan soldier during an air assault mission near Bagram.

United States Department of Defense (DoD) Photos. Department of Defense. Search Search. Home About. Biographies. Senior Defense Officials Office of the Secretary of Defense Insignias.

Officers Enlisted DoD More Photo Essays. Week in Photos. PHOTO GALLERY. DVIDS PHOTOS. Photo Gallery Photo Essays Week in Photos DVIDS DoD Flickr Imagery Archive Videos. Live Events Defense TV DVIDS Special Reports U.S. Department of Defense The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.

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The department's headquarters is at the .

Department of defense photo essay
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