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Part II of the lab dealt with the rate of osmosis, and how molecular size was a factor on it. The control was the one of the raisins in an empty container. Are osmosis or diffusion also affected by certain aspects; such as molecular size or weight?

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The hypothesis was that as the concentration of the salt solution increased, the size of the cell membrane would Diffusion lab essay because of osmotic pressure pulling the water outside of the cell to an area with less water concentration.

Diffusion and Osmosis Lab

Most of this lab was done with ease, and the hypothesis were supported by the results. Therefore, we say that hypotonic solutions have a ower solute concentration and a higher water potential.

The setups were left to sit for 30 minutes and later observed. The procedure began with the removal of a small round piece of agar from each of the two petri dishes with the use of a straw.

The raisins were left to sit for two days and later were observed. Diffusion and osmosis stops when a dynamic equilibrium Is reached, that Is, the concentration on both sides are equal to each other. This was because there was a higher concentration of IKI molecules in the beaker than in the bag, so the IKI molecules moved from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration in a process called diffusion Popular Essays.

Part IV Data Questions 1. Also, osmotic pressure will cause the IKI to cross the membrane where there is less water due to the density of starch. Starch cannot cross the dialysis tubing due to its large size. This lab was pretty thorough, but still, more substances could have been experimented with, and would have given a better understanding of how osmosis and diffusion work.

As the salt concentration increased, the size of the cell membrane decreased. Part III of the lab was to view the effect of molecular size on the rate of diffusion.

Part II of the lab involved using different substances on opposite sides of a membrane, and observing which way the water would diffuse. Osmosis is diffusion, but a specific type of diffusion.

The independent variables here are the water and the karo syrup, while the independent variable is the rate of change in the size of the raisin due to the direction the water will move; either into or out of the raisin itself. Water is also entering the bag, because although the initial and final mass of the bag before and fter the soaking was not recorded, we noticed an increase in size of the dialysis bag.

Water potential describes the tendency of water moving to another area. Glucose is leaving the bag, we know this because initially there was no change in colour of the Testape in the beaker, but our final data shows, there was glucose present in the beaker.

The final part of this lab was observing osmosis under real life conditions with actual cells. To speculate osmosis occurring In dialysis bags and potato cores by comparing percentage change in masses.

The results show the IKI moved from the beaker to the bag, causing the change of color of the solution in the bag. Rate of diffusion can have great effects on living organisms.

Results were that the substance with the smaller molecules, diffused farther away from where it was placed than did the substance of greater molecular size in the same amount of time. Results were that the smaller substance passed though the membrane easily and rather quickly, and the larger substance did not penetrate the membrane whatsoever.

More essays like this: These two substances were placed in a petri dish filled with solid agar. Osmosis To simulate and observe the diffusion of solutes and the osmosis of water through a semipermeable membrane through color change and sugar tests.

If they differ, the solution with a higher concentration of solutes is hypertonic with respect to the other; the solution with lower concentration is hypotonic.

The loss of water and urgor pressure while a cell is in a hypertonic solution is called plasmolysis.Free Essay: Diffusion and Osmosis Experiment with a Shell-Less Egg After Three days of Testing Methods with Water and Corn Syrup Lisa July 1, Purpose To.

Osmosis and Diffusion Lab Essay Sample

Read this essay on Diffusion Lab. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at killarney10mile.com". It will measure the amount of diffusion that occurs in the agar blocks to determine the effect of cell size on the cell’s ability to obtain substances by diffusion.

We will write a custom essay sample on Agar Cubes Lab Report specifically for you. Free diffusion lab papers, essays, and research papers. This lab was performed to understand the process of diffusion and osmosis. First off, to fully comprehend the point of this lab, one has to. Lab # 2 Diffusion & Osmosis Introduction Kinetic energy, a root of energy stored in cells, causes molecules to hit into each other and move in new killarney10mile.comion is the result of this killarney10mile.comion is the random movement of molecules to an area of lower concentration from an area of higher concentration.

Osmosis is a type of diffusion.

Diffusion lab essay
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