Do you think john brown was

In addition to the African-American baggage master, the raiders killed three white townspeople and one Marine. Do you think John Brown received a fair trial and a just sentence?

If Brown suffered from undiagnosed mental illness in that era before the rise of psychiatry, he displayed few signs or symptoms that modern psychiatrists could identify as being linked to mental disorder.

Many in the abolition movement painted Brown as a martyr, convincing many Southerners that abolitionists wished to commit genocide on white slave owners. He wanted to attack slavery, but had not yet found a way to do so in court. Perhaps Brown was truly daft. A few raiders waiting at the farm nearby escaped.

Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. He married and in moved his family to North Elba, New York, to join a farming community of ex-slaves and free blacks. I disagree with that. The five pleaded not guilty, and each was given a separate trial. They read from s newspapers to get into character.

For decades, however, prominent African-Americans—including W. At the sentencing, Brown finally found his forum. But most of the route remains pitch-black after sunset; trees that witnessed that night are still there, and woodstoves continue to scent the air. On October 18, a company of U. In the s and s, many others tried to turn their trials into an attack on abortion.

By the next morning, word had spread of a massive slave uprising. A few hours after his capture, Brown regained consciousness. He had spent four months living on the farm simply trying to fit in. He had grown up on the Ohio frontier, the son of a stern man who believed slavery was a sin against God.

John Brown

First, Brown did not kill people "in front of their wives and kids. He was pledged to destroy slavery, and indifference to it deeply offended him. Even today, debate continues on how Brown should be remembered: Was the perpetual bondage of millions of greater importance than the lives of slave owners and their allies?The abolitionist John Brown attempted to garner attention and do his part to abolish slavery by murdering three individuals who supported slavery, and later tried to host an armed uprising where he would lead slaves to raid a federal army in Harper's Ferry.3/5(3).

Why do you think people like John Brown, who advanced more radical ideas, became popular during the s?

-Political compromise no longer seemed appealing or possible. -Each side wanted to intimidate the other in the conflict. “If you are for me and my problems,” Malcolm X declared in“then you have to be willing to do as old John Brown did.” Blacks’ reverence for the memory of Brown has not inspired those mainstream historians uncomfortable with Brown’s reliance on violence.

John Brown Two years before the start of the Civil War, John Brown led an unsuccessful raid on Harpers Ferry in hopes of sparking a general slave revolt. Some abolitionists saw him as a heroic, moral crusader, while others questioned his methods as extreme and fanatical.

John Brown's Secret Plan. No one had a deeper moral hatred of slavery than John Brown.

Is John Brown a hero or villain? Why?Is John Brown a hero or villain? Why?

He had grown up on the Ohio frontier, the son of a stern man who believed slavery was a sin against God.

As John grew up, he became an active abolitionist -- someone who fights to abolish slavery -- by helping runaway slaves escape. An excellent biography of John Brown is John Brown's War against Slavery by Robert E.

McClone of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I referenced a .

Do you think john brown was
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