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It can be said as a type of creep with lubricated water influences the movement. We have already discussed in previous articles that slopes on earth surface are mainly created by tectonic factors or earth movements due to endogenic forces. In comparison to animals plants depend more on physical environment of their habitats, they are more affected Endogenetic process essay their environment and in turn they also affect their environment.

Essay on the Definition of Physical Geography: Cycles of freezing and thawing the weather becomes warmer and causes snow and ice to melt causes frost weathering.

Alexander Agassiz, son of Louis Agassiz undertook coastal surveys covering a distance of 1,60, km 1,00, miles through Black and Albatross Expeditions.

Clements and British School led by A. The outer solid crustal surface also provides nutrients to the biosphere.

Essay on Physical Geography: Top 3 Essays on Physical Geography

This classification is based on the geomorphic form, magma chemistry, and the explosiveness of the eruption. This feature is structurally part of the continental landmasses despite the fact that it is under water. Weathering Weathering is the action of elements of weather and climate over earth material.

It is evident from the foregoing discussion on the nature of physical geography that the detailed consideration of four components of the earth viz. Thus, the history of the development of biogeography is traced from biological sciences. The second Endogenetic process essay of the study of relationships between organisms and physical environment i.

Salts in rocks expand due to thermal action, hydration and crystallization. A rift valley may be formed in two ways viz When the middle portion of the crust between two normal faults is dropped downward while the two blocks on the either side of the down dropped block remain stable When the middle portion between two normal remains stable and the two side blocks on the either side of the middle position are raised upward Figure 15 Illustration of rift valleys and graben Rhine rift valley is the best example rift valley.

The vertical Stress is minimum while the horizontal stress is maximum. This amalgamation of waves then produces a super wave that can be as tall as 65 meters in height. The town of Yungay, Peru was buried by a debris flow that was triggered by an earthquake that occurred on May 31, Mass movements are classified into slow movements and rapid movements.

Detailed studies were carried out regarding the mapping of ocean depth, variation in horizontal and vertical distribution of salinity, pressure of ocean water, ocean tides and currents on the basis of investigation of these variables in Gibralter Strait. These are further divided into two types: This process also added significant mass to the continents.

Shield volcanoes can be up to meters tall. All the exogenic processes are covered under a general term- denudation, which means strip off or uncover. It may be pointed out that the discipline of biogeography cannot be exclusive domain of either biology or geography as its boundary is overlapping not only with these two subjects but also with other subjects.

Stress is produced in a solid by pushing or pulling. Powell, Gilbert, Dutton and Davis made significant contributions in the field of subaerial denudation. The characteristics, origin and distribution of constructional reliefs namely mountains, faults, folds etc.

Erosion happens as a result of windwatericeor people, animals, or plants digging in the Earth. Investigations have discovered that over the last 2 million years this volcano has exploded on a regular interval of aboutyears.

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Bates three levels of climatic environment affect human behaviour viz.: Earthquakes can also take human lives. They are also called as Epeirogenic movements The broad central parts of continents are called cratons and are subject to epeirogeny.

These sedimentary deposits are sometimes called the platform of the continents. Essay on the Branches of Physical Geography: With rising in temperature, every mineral expands and pushes against its neighbor and as the temperature falls, a corresponding contraction takes place.

You can end certain processes to reduce the memory load, however it takes a experienced trained eye to determine which process you can safely end. The depth of the biosphere over the land is upto the depth of deepest roots of trees or the depth upto which can live the burrowing organisms or the depth at which lie the parent rocks.

WattEcology and Environmental Planning by J. The term of geomorphology stems from three Greek words i.It could be an exogenetic process meaning the sediment has come from outside of the river by activities such as mass movement; or it could be an endogenetic process where sediment has come from the river channel itself and the material is from the bed and the banks.

What are processes?

The Endogenetic processes are the processes that shape the land by forces coming from within the earth. The energy emanating from within the earth,which is endogenetic force, is the main force. Control of Nature is a book catering a series of earth’s revenge against man-made discrepancies aimed to make the contemporary society of today realize that any struggle against natural forces must be taken with great responsibility so as to prevent any form of chaos caused by such disregard.

Horizontal movements, and. Vertical movements. These movements motored by the endogenetic forces introduce various types of vertical irregularities which give birth to numerous varieties of relief features on the earth's surface, eg., mountains, plateaus, plains, lakes, faults, folds, etc.

Note: A process is a force applied on earth materials affecting the same. An agent is a mobile medium (like running water, moving ice, winds, waves etc) which removes, transport and deposits earth materials.

Exogenic Forces: Classification

Jan 02,  · Unlike Volcanoes which are created by endogenetic process, Pseudovolcanoes are created by 3 types of exogenetic processes namely, mine craters, meteor impact and salt plugs.

Endogenetic process essay
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