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She began a career at Arirang TV, English presentation English-language television channel based in Seoul in as a reporter, anchor and host. Not only that, but it thrilled millions of TV viewers in Korea. With presentation, it requires some emotion to be truly effective.

By Oh Kyu-wook story heraldcorp. She also said it was important to be able to deliver the message to the audience. For the Roman Catholic Churchon the day of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "we celebrate that dedication of herself which Mary made to God from her very childhood under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who filled her with grace Emulation, she said, in fact is a technique she often advises for students who want to improve their English speaking skills.

After some practice, she found she was no longer nervous of speaking in front of an audience.

Making a presentation: language and phrases (1)

Pope Sixtus V reintroduced it into the Roman Calendar in Having left her parents at the bottom, she is to be received by the High Priest and other Temple officials waiting at the top of the steps.

She left the company to pursue a career as a communication specialist and worked for several organizations, including the World Cup organizing committee and the PyeongChang bid committee. She said she developed the habit of reading aloud when she was in fifth grade. Apr 30, - So I tried to imitate her at home.

Presentation of Mary

As a consultant, Rah advises against using difficult words and long sentences in presentations. According to Coptic traditionher father Joachim died when Mary was six years old and her mother when Mary was eight.

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Rah recalled when she was a judge for a presentation competition for university English presentation. The congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, dedicated to the education of youth, was founded November 21,in ThueytsFranceby Marie Rivier. Her strong, eloquent speech in in Durban, South Africa, is seen as having played a key role in swaying the IOC voters.

Enunciation and emulation As Korea becomes more connected to the rest of the world, being able to speak English fluently will be advantageous, but is not a requirement for all, since English presentation people around the world are not native English speakers, Rah pointed out.

Rah, also known by her Korean name Seung-yun, joined a public speaking club at her university. The feast continued to be celebrated throughout the East, was celebrated in the monasteries of Southern Italy by the ninth century, and was introduced into the Papal Chapel in Avignon in by decree of Pope Gregory XI.

She also set up her own English consulting firm, Oratio, in Theresa Rah, former communication director of the PyeongChang bid committee, currently works as an English consultant and presenter with Arirang TV. The feast originated as a result of the dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary the New, built in by the Byzantines under Emperor Justinian I near the site of the ruined Temple in Jerusalem.

For those churches which follow the Julian CalendarNovember 21 falls on December 4 of the modern Gregorian Calendar. Following her diplomat father, Rah spend most of her youth abroad in countries such as Canada, Denmark and the U.

But one team wore red hoodies in keeping with their theme of blood donation, which made an impact. The Presentation was one of the usual scenes in larger cycles of the Life of the Virginalthough it was not usually one of the scenes shown in a Book of Hours. The story relates that in thanksgiving for the birth of their daughter, Mary, Joachim and Anne decide to consecrate her to God, and bring her, at the age of three years, to the temple in Jerusalem.


Theresa Rah shares secrets of effective English presentations Published: Rah said the experience she gained from PyeongChang helped her to be a TV host.

More important than pronunciation, according to Rah, is being able to speak clearly and slowly. In the Orthodox Church the feast always falls during the Nativity Fastand on the day of the feast the fasting rules are lessened somewhat so that fish, wine, and oil may be eaten.

Often, I would forget my English during my stay here.Theresa Rah, a popular speaker, TV presenter and English consultant, is perhaps best known for presenting PyeongChang’s final bid for the Winter killarney10mile.com strong, eloquent speech in My Favorites {{killarney10mile.com()}} Your favorites are limited to 5 programs.

How to Organize Your Introduction for a Presentation in English

{{killarney10mile.com()}} Your favorites are limited to 5 programs. The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (as it is known in the West), or The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple (its name in the East), is a liturgical feast celebrated on November 21 by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.


The feast is associated with an event recounted not in the New Testament, but in the apocryphal. Comments are closed. Home; Karatbars Overview; The MAP; WBW Toolbox; Presentation; killarney10mile.com | Powered by Mantra & WordPress.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of English home. Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 This is a list of phrases to help you make a professional presentation in English. Clear structure, logical progression. Good presenters always use language (sometimes single words, sometimes phrases) which shows where they are in their presentation.

English presentation
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