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But The Lord of the Rings also appears to address issues specific to the twentieth century, particularly the sense of loss, despair, and alienation that came as a result of the two World Wars.

Lord of the Rings

Slowly, the creatures of middle-earth begin to realize that everyone is better off when the world is dominated by good whereas only a few benefit from evil. Instead, he has Gandalf deliberately choose the reluctant hobbit heroes, who are small, humble, and unassuming, to guard the ring and thereby prevail against evil.

Greed no longer occupies the hearts of the people. Right after the film begins we are told what the forces of good will be dealing with and the exact form that evil will take on and how it was birthed. A leading philologist of his day, Tolkien was an Oxford University professor who, along with Oxford colleagues C.

He establishes a head of evil in Melkor who is made specifically to mirror Satan. It cannot be directly related to a single person. Throughout the trilogy, Tolkien rejects such traditional heroic attributes as strength, size, and bravado.

They are now one force of good prepared to conquer evil. The way in which evil must be defeated has to be a team effort as we see in the films.

However, if we are to look deeper we realize that just as people were poisoned by evil in the beginning the desire to good becomes almost an anti-venom in the end. Plot and Major Characters The Lord of the Rings charts the adventures of the inhabitants of Middle Earth, a complex fictional world with fantastical characters and a complete language crafted by Tolkien.

Melkor was basically the equivalent of an Archangel who fell into the clutches of evil and created the dark side. Tolkien gained a reputation during the s and s as a cult figure among youths disillusioned with war and the technological age; his continuing popularity evidences his ability to evoke the oppressive realities of modern life while drawing audiences into a fantasy world.

Evil exists on the basis of a few factors in the film. Their status came about by a turning away from a once good nature and embracing the dark side full on. They made their first run to take over good and failed when the ring was taken in battle from Melkor.

We also see that although evil can be much more intimidating good is ultimately the stronger side which is also true in Catholicism. One of the most important points in the movie is when the fellowship of the ring was created because it aided those involved in the mission to remember their oath to the demise of the ring.

Characters such as Sarumon represent a gradual turning away from good and embracing the lure of evil. Evil was able to flourish not by force but by its attractiveness and the ability it had to lure the hearts of good. There are other head figures which carry out the military needs of evil.

The people of middle-earth must unite under one cause and make a turn towards good. Taken together, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, along with its prelude The Hobbit —which is based on bedtime stories Tolkien had created for his children—encompasses ten thousand years of Middle Earth history and includes an encyclopedic mythology inspired by but entirely separate from that of the human species.

Melkor made turning to the dark side attractive by establishing different types of lures which is exactly the same as sin. It has a head but it is kept alive by the choices of the creatures of middle-earth.

Religious, Freudian, allegorical, and political interpretations of the trilogy soon appeared, but Tolkien generally rejected such explications.

The Lord of the Rings

Many have read the trilogy as an allegory of the history of modern Europe, especially the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism in Germany. The Lord of the Rings J. On the surface one would see that the battle between good and evil is a physical battle because that is how it is represented in the movie.

One thing is for sure is that evil is something that is intangible in the film. The people of middle-earth had the daily struggle to avoid temptation and not sin just as we do.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Lord of t. Free Essay: The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and the Dark Lord, forged.

- The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and the Dark Lord, forged the one ring, filing it.

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the Lord of rings comes in three distinct sagas. The Followership of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The return of the King. J.R.R Tolkien is an amazing linguist and author.

Essays on the lord of the ring
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