New orleans before and after hurricane katrina essay

Despite the positive development and economic growth, yet several economic, social and environmental trends remain troubling.

Generally, the growth of wages was in such businesses as bars and restaurants, car dealing and reconstruction-related industries. Seven years later, the city is still under the effect of the storm in many ways.

According to Greater New Orleans Community Data Centre the regional economy has begun to diversify with growth in knowledge-based industries such as higher education, legal services, and insurance agencies Greater New Orleans Community Data Centre,p.

The storm was the reason of the most horrible engineering disaster in the history of USA. At the same time New Orleans is on the first place of the fastest growing large cities in the U.

According to the institute of the Southern studies the number of US deaths related to the hurricane is about 1.

Because of the flooding, the oil refining was stopped in New Orleans, increasing prices in the country.

Estimated economic damage in New Orleans area, caused by the disaster, is 14 billion dollars. Government Accountability Office, To restore and re-plan the city Frederic Schwartz was chosen by the citizens.

The number of deaths related only to flooding is The costs spent on housing are much higher compared with the nation results. Great progress in New Orleans in the fields of education, health care, housing, criminal justice raised standard of life and build safer community for everyone.

The region of New Orleans was struck by three crises: Over the last thirty years the gains in knowledge industries have not made up for the losses in tourism, oil and gas, shipping and logistics Greater New Orleans Community Data Centre,p. The task of lifting up of economics remains essential, while the most important issue is to reduce possible flood risks.

The region still needs strong policy, which will develop economics and workforce. Big steps were obtained by relief agencies and federal funding. Despite the difficult conditions, the city is on the way to transformation and recovery.

In August the hurricane Katrina caused the breach of the flood protection system. Before the disaster entrepreneurs started their businesses, whiled after the the average amount of individuals was According to the U.

As well as sea levels continue to rise, lowering the risks of possible flooding is of crucial importance. New Orleans is second among the U.

The disaster had major implications on segments of economy, population and politics.- Hurricane Katrina: Two Disasters From the Frontline Film, The Old Man and The Storm, the life of Herbert Gettridge was followed after he returned to the 9th Ward of New Orleans to rebuild his home after it was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina on.

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Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Print Reference this or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Published: but the breaking of the levees played a big role in the destruction of New Orleans.

As the hurricane came to an end many people came to.

Policy Corruption in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina - Essay Example

New Orleans had a well established infrastructure before Hurricane Katrina struck. The infrastructure comprised a well laid network of roads that led into and out of the city.

Custom New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina Essay

There were also several banks, warehouses, gymnasiums, hotels, clubs, a superdome, airlines, educational and financial institutions among other buildings. Aug 29,  · Hurricane Katrina Essay; Hurricane Katrina Essay.

Government Interaction after Hurricane Katrina. I am doing a project on the impacts on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The news reporters saw this coming way before it happened. Hurricane Katrina started at the bottom of Florida in Cuba in the Atlantic .

New orleans before and after hurricane katrina essay
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