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A wonderful mix of film history, criticism, theory and application of principles from two masters of the art form. So go to Adorama, sell your stuff, and buy something else.

Camera angles, continuity, cutting, close-ups, and composition. The Life and Films of James Cameron by Rebecca Keegan Say what you want about James Cameron and his films, but his determination and sheer guts to shoot movies made me admire the man even more. The result was a grueling 12 hours on set the next day as I had stayed up reading so much of this wonderful book the night before.

Creating the Accomplished Image by Bruce Mamer Another textbook assigned to me in school, the reason I kept this one is for the sole fact that it actually talked about camera assisting.

The wisdom, though abstract, is fascinating and you will never look at editing — or filmmaking — the same way once you read it. Brush up on older ones. He could, if he wanted, sit back and let the paychecks nofilmschool editing services in. He also has made a few of the highest grossing movies of all time so the pedigree is there too.

Whether or not you found Where the Wild Things Are to be an enjoyable movie, reading and seeing the incredible process it took them to make the film makes you realize how hard everybody in this industry works. Finally, make sure to check out these other great resources for filmmakers: The journey Cameron took to survive — and later thrive — in the film industry will immediately inspire you to push yourself harder.

Hey, Bookmark This Already! Keh Camera Keh Camera is one of the most trusted gear exchanges on the web. So this, his definitive work on making movies, is well worth the read to glean whatever insight you can from a master of cinema. It has a thriving marketplace — necessary for those who shop used often — and a good reputation.

Discover a new skill. Do you like bright things? Whenever you get a moment, instead of looking down at your phone or clicking on an empty screen like a zombie, pick something on this list and explore it. Heads On and We Shoot: I was so drawn to the real conversations, the practical advice, and the connection with actual crew.

In comes Borrowlenses to save the day: The best part about most film gear is that it will last a long time when taken care of by a company like Abel Cine. Plugging stingers into outlets? If you actually read every single word in this article and ended up here, well then bravo!

Until you realize the infinite possibilities in which they can be combined.Cooperatively-Owned Production Company. The Meerkat Media Worker Cooperative is a democratically run production company that produces artful and impactful films with an emphasis on narrative storytelling, visual craft, and a dedication to the highest production value.

Our commissioned projects range from documentary features to web videos for. I've reached back into the well and found another resources perfect for filmmakers, cinematographers, camera assistants, and just about anyone who has ever stepped on.

Indohydra. In the "what you need to know" category I would include a warning about the proprietary Sony color diffraction compensation software that makes the r3 work with Sony and Sony- licenced lenses.

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What you need to know about Sony's a7R III

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Aug 11,  · That 8K video was really cool. I own an 8K Red and for the first time in my over 15 year editing career found myself zooming in .

Nofilmschool editing services
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