Social studies fair projects

Projects that two or more students prepare and present. Examples include the family, crime, mental health, lifestyles, media, drug abuse, etc. All students in the Group project may help present their project to the judges at the Regional Fair, but NOTE the State Fair only allows one designated spokesman to present their project to the judges.

Individual and Group Projects: Out of the fifeen 15 projects submitted for each Division, a school may submit any combination of Individual and Group projects, though schools are urged to seek a balance between the two. Essays, reports and research papers are traditional social studies projects and can cover nearly any topic within the course that the student is interested in.

These teach the student important skills in researching a topic, interpreting information, inferring conclusions and transcribing ideas and thoughts in an understandable way. Your care and cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

Projects concerning the utilization of the natural environment to produce the goods and services needed by man. These require some research and creativity, but are generally less labor-intensive.

Making small dioramas in shoeboxes, using creative writing skills to write letters or diaries based in a historical time, writing and performing a skit, and building an object, such as a shield or catapult, are all great artistic ways of exploring social studies.

Try to submit student projects in a variety of Disciplines. Projects concerning the relationship between man and his natural environment. Time lines and posters are relatively simple projects that are good for students who are not interested in writing or in involved arts, or for short-term projects that last only a few days.

Projects that one student prepares and presents.

What Are Examples of Social Studies Projects?

Please note that local schools bear complete responsibility for seeing that all projects are classified in the proper Discipline. There is a lot of freedom to be creative when coming up with social studies projects, and nearly all styles of arts have potential to be turned into a project.

Examples include historical events and trends, wars, diplomacy, politics, religious institutions, biographies, etc. Again try and seek a balance with the Disciplines as well. Each Division is divided into seven 7 Disciplines. Examples include ecology, foreign countries, lands and peoples, maps, flooding, rivers, lakes, cities, conservation, etc.

Projects concerning how culture has developed by people living and thinking together. Projects concerning principles, organization, and methods of government.

Full Answer Social studies is a wide-reaching subject, so there are many options for projects. Any projects that would fall into the History Discipline but relate to Louisiana.

Social Studies Fair

Tips on Winning Organization Divisions:Divisions: The Region VIII Social Studies Fair is divided into three Divisions. Each school may submit a maximum of fifteen (15) projects for each appropriate Division.

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This could be a fun science fair project for kids! Find this Pin and more on Science/Social Studies Fair Ideas by Christy Martin. Might be a cool science experiment:) I want to do this just to see if this is real!

18 A GUIDE TO SOCIAL STUDIES FAIR PROJECTS This portion of the Social Studies Fair Bulletin is intended to identify key elements in a social studies project, describes how those elements should be developed, and offer. World History / International Studies Gen.

Douglas MacArthur Crafted the Foundation of the Japan We Know Today The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain Brought Change to the Lives and the Work of People Around the World.

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Social Studies is the study of human beings as they relate to each other and their environments. If you enjoy exploring people, their cultures and behavior, you should enjoy social studies. There are many disciplines that fit under the umbrella of the social sciences, so you can narrow the field to.

Social studies fair projects
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