The creative writing funeral

Mike reluctantly joined them. After the funeral is over friends and family will gather for a meal to honor the deceased. She made money dancing for strange men at the club. The casket was closed, and pallbearers carried it on their shoulder to the hearse. Mike decided not to see his mother one last time.

When that is done, the people would leave and the funeral staff would stay and make sure that the casket is lowered by the cemetery staff. He holds no umbrella, his wet ash hair clings to his head. A true look of sadness crosses his eyes, but no tears come.

How to write a funeral?

I told them who is might be and the ended up finding the culprit. The kind where the crier pushes away the grief, the overwhelming sadness of the loss. Soon the only person remaining is a boy.

They walk away in the rain, slowly, despite the chill wind and water. Why are you even here? Its melancholy tune only depresses the situation. But also you should consider this. Above the casket were the roses brought from the house. The rose hangs over the edge.

I should do something. The nerve of some people. On each side of the casket sat two large candles. You need to live. Everyone knew the child. He lifts it to his eyes, looks at it, and takes the steps to the grave.

I made sure to leave her a token of me to remember me by. Mike happened to be the last to stay. But what was there really to complain about. If she never died, you would have never found out the truth.How To Write A Funeral Program.

Wondering how to write a funeral program? The funeral program can be created by the funeral home or the church, however many of our visitors express surprise at how consoling it is to write the program. Searching for a favorite poem.

That special song. A favorite Bible passage or reading. Aug 05,  · How to write a funeral? Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Ulramar, Aug 5, He liked to not do writing, joke about anything, and spent his days pranking other members.

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How To Write A Funeral Program

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The creative writing funeral
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