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Students will take one Honors class each semester, choosing among Honors general education seminars and Honors electives. Petersburg Florida Phone: It will also be indicated on your transcripts, and you will be recognized in the graduation program and be awarded an Honors medallion.

This research serves as the culmination of academic pursuits at USF and as a means to demonstrate achievement in academic and professional life beyond USF.


The Honors Capstone requires completion of a substantial research paper, a unique creative project, or an artistic performance. Working closely with Usf honors thesis capstone committee of faculty, Honors students devote two semesters to planning, researching and writing the thesis.

For students completing their capstone in Spring Usf honors thesis capstone, Captone Proposals should be submitted by December 7th. Honors Coursework in the Major All Honors students will have the opportunity to take honors-level coursework in their major fields of study, as laid out by the department or as coordinated individually with faculty mentors.

Examples of prior Honors thesis projects include: To graduate from the Honors Program four-year track, you must complete all eight courses in Honors, complete the foreign language, mathematics, and freshman English requirements, and earn a 3.

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Student is able to plan a research, design, or artistry project of significance. In so doing, the USF Honors Program seeks to further enhance the culture of scholarship and service at the University. University Honors Seminar The capstone seminar for the USF Honors Program draws upon the liberal arts tradition and the focused training within the majors in order to explore a question, problem or concern in our contemporary world.

Petersburg Dav 7th Ave. The product conveys a thoughtful and enriching independent study experience. All Honors capstone projects offer students the opportunity to work closely with professors who share their interests.

The thesis is the capstone to the Honors experience.

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The University Honors Seminar is team taught by full-time faculty. The benefits of including your paper in the UKnowledge Digital Archive system include: Submitting the Capstone Proposal Form by the appropriate deadline is not a guarantee of approval.

Every discipline requires students to engage in research, defined as the search for knowledge and the communication of that knowledge to others. Students should work with their advisor to ensure that the document submitted is ready for approval by faculty and the Director of Academic Affairs.

Complete HON Capstone proposal required 2. Remember, you must have a 3. All courses, including repeated courses, are calculated in these figures.

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Make an appointment with the Honors Program Director to discuss your options. What is an Honors Capstone Project? In a two-course, yearlong sequence, Honors students will receive credit for six courses out of the liberal arts core. As a student in the two-year track, you are required to take four Honors courses: The University Honors Core courses are team taught by full-time faculty who are committed to the vigorous inquiry and exploration of the Christian liberal arts in a community devoted to the development and curiosity of high-achieving students.

Honors Program Application Mission Statement The USF Honors Program strives to encourage exceptional students to explore widely, to think creatively and critically, to study earnestly, to live enthusiastically, to serve sincerely—to engage wholeheartedly and with integrity the world of ideas, scholarship, culture and service.

Student is able to engage in an independent research, design, or artistry project of significance under the direction of a professor who serves as the Honors Capstone advisor. The capstone project is the culmination of an Honors undergraduate education because it demonstrates that Honors students can both work collaboratively with their mentors and manage a long-term independent project.

These faculty mentors guide the professional development of Honors students and thus help to build the future of their own fields in tangible ways. Student is able to create a final research, design, or artistry product that documents the result of the Honors Capstone experience. Student shows a degree of self-directedness, inventiveness, and professionalism appropriate for an advanced undergraduate.

Honors students always question ideas, take responsibility for their own learning, consider the relationships between radically different ideas, and seek ways to make the world a better place.

Honors Students' Theses

Honors students leave USU as budding experts in their disciplines and as leaders in and outside of their fields, qualities that distinguish them from their peers when they apply for jobs, graduate programs, fellowships, or internships.

Applications to the USF Honors Program are accepted on a rolling basis, with a priority deadline of April 15, for admission to the program in the academic year.

Students can fulfill the capstone requirement in one of two ways: Students will have the opportunity to guide the responses to the wide-ranging topics through research, leadership and discussion.

To remain eligible for all the benefits of Honors, including scholarships, you must qualify for the University Honors Program, register for an Honors core course, and maintain a 3. To remain eligible for all the benefits of Honors, including scholarships, you must qualify for the University Honors Program, register for an Honors core course and maintain a 3.

The Honors distinction will be reflected on your diploma on which a special gold Honors seal will be affixed.Continuing USF students and transfer students accepted into the Honors College take five Honors courses that include: inquiry into major works and major issues, a two-semester Senior Thesis, and two electives chosen from the Completion of the Honors Senior Thesis may satisfy the USF Capstone and Writing Intensive requirements.

All Honors College students must complete a research track consisting of either a thesis or capstone course. Thesis is an individual research project on a topic of the students' choice, under the direction of a faculty member selected by the student.

What is an Honors Capstone Project?

A thesis or capstone project is required to graduate with Honors because it integrates a student’s specific knowledge of the discipline with the key skills of an Honors education: critical thinking, independent research, interdisciplinary learning, and civic engagement.

The capstone seminar for the USF Honors Program draws upon the liberal arts tradition and the focused training within the majors in order to explore a question, problem or concern in our contemporary world.

offer their own honors programs, which include a thesis. Honors College students have the option of completing thesis through their departments in order to meet Honors College requirements.

Innovation: Capstone» Students will enroll in an Honors Capstone class, plus one additional core Honors course of their choice. A capstone is a formal thesis or creative project of the student’s choosing, to be directed by a professor in the student’s major department or in a relevant discipline.

The Honors Capstone is designed to round out a student’s educational experience in the Honors Program, and is typically focused on the student’s major course of study.

Usf honors thesis capstone
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