Was the american civil war inevitable

So profitable in fact that the south would defend it militarily if needed. But could there be another side to that debate? But as concerning as these problems are, there are also major differences between the America of today and that of the early s that preclude political divides, no matter how wide, from devolving into an internal armed conflict.

Was the Civil War Inevitable? In reality, the American Civil War was not inevitable and it could have easily been avoided. It is the opinion of this essay that the southern succession was an inevitable step for the south to take in response to what they saw as the ultimate threat to their way of life.

The last federal election results showed that the primary geographical political divide nowadays is between urban and rural communities, with the latter generally voting Republican and the former Democratic.

Both of these events overturned the previous Missouri compromise and thus once again brought the two opposing nations head to head.

Was The Civil War Inevitable?

The Tariff ofand the Tariff of Given how essential slavery was to the Southern way of life and identity, it is no surprise that it was considered an institution worth defending to the death. One of the portions of the Constitution central to state powers, before the Civil War, was the Tenth Amendmentratified in South Carolina rejected both this reduced tariff and the Tariff ofdeclaring them non-binding on the state.

The Southern states were justified in protesting tariffs that favored Northern industries. Second it will identify the political measures which were dictated by the sectional economic interests. The Southern states had a lot of plantations and farms, and required the manual use of these slaves to carry on their production.

The Nullification Crisis The strength of state powers vis-a-vis Federal powers was tested in the Nullification Crisis, from The Constitution was not even 50 years old.

Most white Southerners aspired to slave ownership and all lived in fear of slave rebellion. This past January, much of what the scenario predicted ended up playing out at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon. Even with the Force Act, there was no guarantee that the Union would decide to actually use force to bring the Southern states back.

This directly harmed the economy of the Southern states. There are numerous examples that show us that, prominent and important historical events do not occur due to one reason or due to some easily identifiable reasons. The state government of South Carolina declared two tariff acts null and void in the state: South Carolina and four other states decided it was grounds for secession, and the Civil War began.

The first, the Tariff ofprotected goods produced by Northern factories by taxing imports from Britain. Southern states were forced to buy those goods at a more expensive price, even if the protection did not help them.

Finally worth considering is that the identity of the United States is no longer as inextricably linked with the concept of the Union as it was during the early s. The Kansas Nebraska act which was a direct result of the economic conflict overturned the Missouri compromise.Was War Inevitable?

The Civil War was fought in the years and the major issue was slavery. In simplistic terms the primary causes of Civil War were the differences in opinions about the issue of slavery, and politics about the same, but without the catalytic part that politics played, the Civil War may have never happened at all.

In some ways, it seems inevitable that the Civil War would happen because of the rising tensions between the North and the South. It is impossible to know for sure whether or not the American Civil War was inevitable and the topic is debated at length among scholars.

Was the American Civil War Inevitable?

It also seems possible that. It will soon be more than one hundred and fifty years since the end of the American Civil War and the nation is once again seemingly irreparably divided.

Almost any time the issue of war is debated, one of the fundamental questions that is always asked is whether the war was inevitable or if it could have been avoided; the US Civil War no different.

On December 20th,South Carolina declared its intent to secede from the Union. Essay on The Inevitable American Civil War Words | 8 Pages. The American civil war was completely inevitable.

Though efforts had been made by the Republicans to stop the war, southerners were the major contributors to the war. Actions of the southerners were intended at starting a war.

The American Civil War is one of the most prominent events in American history, and it changed many things not just in America alone, but in the world as well.

Was the Civil War Inevitable?

Rapid thought tells us that yes, this was an inevitable event. But historical events are not that easy to.

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Was the american civil war inevitable
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