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Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story

Maria takes the gun from Chino and accuses everybody in sight of the deaths of Tony, Bernardo, and Riff. Tony arrives to see Maria and she initially pounds on his chest with rage, but she still loves him. Riff wants to convince his friend and former member of the Jets, Tony, to meet the Jets at the dance.

He liked it but decided to ask Abbott, his longtime mentor, for his opinion, and Abbott advised him to turn it down. When Tony does not retaliate, the Sharks mock him.

Glad Hand John Astinthe chaperon at the dance, tries to make the gangs mix with a get-together dance, but when he is not looking, the boys swap back to their original partners.

Bernardo meets up with his friends. He arrived in Hollywood to choreograph West side stoyr essay dance sequences for The King and Iand he and Laurents began developing the musical while working on their respective projects, keeping in touch with Bernstein, who had returned to New York.

Anita likes the couple, but is clearly afraid of what might happen if Bernardo knows they are seeing each other.

Maria finds that in spite of everything, she still loves Tony and begs him to stay with her. Prince refused to spend money on new construction, and Smith was obliged to improve what he had as best he could with very little money to do it.

Getting the work on stage was still not easy. Unable to stand by and watch while his best friend is mocked and humiliated, Riff punches Bernardo, trying to defend Tony, and the two gang leaders draw their switchblades "The Rumble".

In the midst of the fight, Bernardo kills Riff. Some of the Jets are unsure of his loyalty, but Riff is adamant that Tony is still one of them "Jet Song". With the help of Oscar Hammerstein, Laurents convinced Bernstein and Sondheim to move "One Hand, One Heart", which he considered too pristine for the balcony scene, to the scene set in the bridal shop, and as a result "Tonight" was written to replace it.

Maria will not listen, and Anita looks as though she has to restrain herself from hitting her. Anita then tells Maria about Chino searching for Tony with a gun. Robbins felt if the three were going to join forces, they should return to East Side Story, and Bernstein agreed.

He knows about the argument, and Maria lies that the boy she danced with was another Puerto Rican. Bernardo arrives and takes her to the dance, where she meets some friends, Rosalia and Consuelo.

She is still in a gay mood, and dances around the roof, until another Shark, Chino Jose De Vegawho loves her, appears, worn out from the fight.

Laurents ultimately invented what sounded like real street talk but actually was not: The audience can find a similarity right in the first scene, which shows the hatred between the enemies through a fight. Both of the dramas take different paths, with various twists, and turns, but the final destinations are the same.

Before the Sharks arrive, the Jets, accompanied by Anybodys Susan Oakesa tomboy who desperately wants to be one of them, are visited by Officer Krupke, who warns them not to cause trouble on his beat. The girl has survived the Holocaust and emigrated from Israel; the conflict was to be centered around anti-Semitism of the Catholic "Jets" towards the Jewish "Emeralds" a name that made its way into the script as a reference.

The other girls wonder what has come over her, and Maria explains "I Feel Pretty". One example is in the beginning where they Jets and Puerto Ricans are fighting uses a type of general set lighting B In both tragedies one of the major conflicts is the disagreeing of love between Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria.

Laurents asked Sondheim if he would be interested in tackling the task. Another type of camera distance is when the Jets and Puerto Ricans start fighting in the second act the Jets are on the right and Puerto Ricans are on the left and the two guys fighting in the middle.

Blissfully unaware of what has happened, Maria is waiting for Tony on the tenement roof. The Jets scatter out to find Tony, including Anybodys, whose deed officially makes her a Jet. They are warned by police officers Krupke and Lt.

West Side Story

Robbins then announced he did not want to choreograph the show, but changed his mind when Prince agreed to an eight-week dance rehearsal period instead of the customary foursince there was to be more dancing in West Side Story than in any previous Broadway show, [17] and allowed Robbins to hire Peter Gennaro as his assistant.Read this Music and Movies Essay and over 88, other research documents.

West Side Story.

West Side Story In this musical, it uses several types of narratives, for example, after the fight between the Jets /5(1). West Side Story Anaylsis essaysAs a contemporary musical, West Side Story differs from Romeo and Juliet in form and detail, but stays true to the tragedy of innocent love caught in a complex social web that predestines its demise.

In West Side Story, love at first sight between Tony and Maria set. West Side Story () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. West Side Story is a musical with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

It was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. The story is set in the Upper West Side neighborhood in. Romeo and Juliet - Comparisson to West Side Story Essay () and West Side Story () were so successful. Shakespeare's play and the two movies modeled after it have many similarities and many differences, but one thing remains constant in all of them, They all use universal truths to relate to their audiences.

West Side Story And Romeo And Juliet Film Studies Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet have a number of similarities and differences in many ways.

The play, Romeo and Juliet, is set in Verona in about In contrast, West Side Story takes place in New York City in

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