Writing a letter of support for court

Explain whether the person has shown remorse. Explain how you are going to work with the defendant to change his life after sentencing and aid him in the goal of returning to society and becoming an upstanding member of society again.

WHEN do you send the character reference? In addition to character letters of support, the judge will allow up to three character witnesses to address the court at sentencing. He was the best man at my wedding and is almost like a second father to my 3 children, often driving them to school after I lost my car in an accident 3 years ago.

Furthermore, the outcome of this case will greatly affect her retirement which is due to be in 5 months.

How long have you known the accused? Does the accused look after the sick? Write the character reference on official letterhead whenever possible. She is a very hardworking person and is usually the last person to leave the office as she tries to resolve issues encountered by the rest of her team throughout the day.

Judges often will not read unsolicited mail, so unless the support letter was requested, have the attorney bring it to the judge.

How to Write a Letter of Support to a Sentencing Judge

He has never been the type to resolve conflicts through violence and, in fact, he is an active member of a group that provides counselling to juveniles in our community. Because you know that the person has positive qualities.

What is the job and how long has the person been employed? How are you associated and why are you writing a character reference on behalf of the accused?

Provide details of your relationship with the person who you are writing your support letter on behalf of. Simpson holds a Bachelor of Science in airline management as well as a Master of Arts in business administration from the University of Massachusetts.

The goal of a letter of support is to persuade the judge to lean more towards the five years. Discuss how long you have known him and in what capacity. He has also had to file a temporarily leave of absence from his job to address all the legal concerns relevant to this case.

Proofread your letter to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. How has the person been helpful to others? The judge needs to know how long you have known the defendant and in what capacity. A licence suspension will also prevent her from fulfilling her duties and hence, if this occurs, she will be asked to temporarily leave her post until the suspension is lifted.

Provide it as early as possible and well before the date of the court hearing. Why do you say that the accused is reliable?

Character Reference Letter (for Court) Template – Samples

It proves to the court that the accused is employed and has ongoing work. It is certainly an honour to be a supervisor of such a promising employee. A letter of support should not discuss the merits of the case or discuss any of the evidence or prosecution against the defendant.

Your answers to these questions will determine how much weight the court will give to your character reference. Be very careful when discussing the facts of a case in detail and, if you do, make sure to first read the summary of facts being read to the Judge or Magistrate.

Include anything else that may be relevant. He had so much grief that it became a challenge for him to communicate with other people. Format the letter as a business letter.

He writes employee handbooks and manuals for the human resource consulting firm, Remote Control Payroll Co. Personalize the letter to a specific individual, if you are able to. Our company policies will not allow Jane to continue her employment with us the minute she receives a gaol term for a criminal charge.

Details can be given such as the defendant rarely drinks and has never been seen drunk, so it is highly unlikely that they started a barroom brawl. That the accused has always led a very positive lifestyle should be clearly emphasised in writing. The sentencing is currently scheduled for [Sentencing Date].

Judges are often mandated by law to apply certain sentences for specific crimes, however sentencing guidelines are often in ranges.A letter of support should not discuss the merits of the case or discuss any of the evidence or prosecution against the defendant.

Letters of support are not taken into consideration during a trial, only in the sentencing hearing. Character Reference Letter for Court. Dear Sir or Madam, Hello. I am writing in reference to {Name}, who is appearing before your court due to {reason for court appearance}.

{Name} asked me to write a character reference letter, but the truth is that I was already planning on doing so before the request. 2 – The Content Of The Letter. The introductory paragraph to this Letter of Recommendation will serve a specific Purpose. Indicate who you are writing this letter for, how you know the individual you are recommending, and how long you have known this individual.

How to Write a Character Letter of Support to a Judge. Prior to your sentencing, you may have friends and relatives write character letters of support to the judge.

Support letters, or character letters, are used in different types of court hearings. Writing a letter of support will vary slightly depending on the type of hearing.

For instance, if you were writing a support letter for a child custody hearing you would focus on parenting skills. Writing a Character Reference Letter for Court (with Samples) Use these sample character reference letters for court as templates for your formal notification. When a person is facing a court appearance, they want all the help they can get.

Writing a letter of support for court
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