Writing a news report ks3 sats

That way, the most interesting information, is naturally what you communicate first. Writing news 10 mins Quiz: The reason for doing this is that news is best communicated as though you were telling a friend. Get straight to the point at the beginning.

Write how you would say it. Police hit out as demonstrators make point Riot police used shields to push demonstrators back Demonstrators show their emotions as police get involved in clash 3. Writing news Which of the following will help make your report more interesting?

Remember the 3 Cs when you write your script Remember to keep your words clear concise and correct: Keep your sentences - and the length of your report - short.

For this activity, you will need to print out TWO copies of this worksheet, one is for a first draft and the other is for a final draft. Newsreaders read at three words per second. Get your facts, spelling and grammar right. Once you have completed your script, you can add in notes about any quotes, sound effects, stills, graphics etc, on the left-hand side of the worksheet.


Scripting a story 30 mins Work in pairs. You will probably need to rewrite your script, using the second worksheet, which is all good news making practice.

Newspaper Report: Write a Report Based on a Nursery Rhyme

Which of the following phrases is the best example? You can recap the key points from the video using the accompanying worksheet or read a transcript of the video: It could be either of your stories or it could be something else. Having spoken your story out loud, write it down on the worksheet.

Now, one of you tell your partner about it, just like you did when you were telling your own piece of news. Writing news This is your chance to see just how much you know about writing a good news story.

Why not watch the report along with the script to see how it was all put together. And the worksheet below contains the script that he used for his report.Feb 18,  · This video is about Creating a News Report. Pupils could practise writing their own news report based on information that you provide, and then pass to a partner who will edit and.

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Newspaper Writing Tips PowerPoint

Section A Longer writing task KS3/09/En/Levels 4–7/Writing paper 2 A slippery situation You are a reporter for the local newspaper. You hear news that a tanker full. LEVELS 3–5 En KEY STAGE 2 English test Writing Test Longer Task: Instructions and Planning Your teacher will read through this booklet with you.

How to write a news report

A lesson plan about compiling news for teachers and students taking part in the BBC's news making projects for 11 to year-olds, School Report.

Writing a news report ks3 sats
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